Conversion Rate Calculator

This is an indispensable tool for all Internet marketers or website owners. It is important that your website is converting, which means your site visits are converting into cash. In other words, if you put up your website with a purpose to generate income, your website must convert. In order for your site or specific page to convert, your site needs traffic, i.e. site visits. If your website receives, say, 10,000 monthly visits, but none of the visitors or buying whatever you are selling, or not contacting you to avail themselves of your services, or not even clicking one of your ads, then your site is not converting.

 On the other hand, say your site receives 100 visits a month, but half of your visitors contacted you to avail themselves of your services, then your site is highly converting &ndash 50%. Though this illustration is extremely possible, the common thing is that your site should receive higher visits in order to achieve, at least, a conservative 2% conversion rate. In that principle, 2 out of 100 visits may likely contact you for your services.

Double-click the default figures to edit the numbers.


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