Make Money Online Publishing An EBook

There is future in blogging for authors. Once you have published, perhaps a hundred posts, you can transform your blog into a book or ebook. Organize your contents, group them into related topics, and create the chapters of your book. If your material is good and very original, a publisher might be interested to print, market and distribute it. Another option is to publish it online.

Ways to Write An Ebook

There are 3 common ways to write an e-book.
  1. Write your own e-book. This means, you are the author. Your name is on it.
  2. Co-author an e-book. You and another author write the e-book. You can sell them jointly or separately.
  3. Compile a publication. Gather materials from different publications and compile them into one e-book. You can only do this with proper permission from the rightful authors. They should be properly credited and acknowledged. In return for publishing their materials, you allow them to advertise their own work, products, or websites.

Possible Resources of eBook's Content

Where can you get contents for your e-book? There are numerous resources where you can get content for your e-book.
  1. Your own knowledge. Write into words whatever you know that is materially good. You can transform your hobbies, skills, and studies into a book form. You can write about your travel and the places you have been to. You can also write the people you have encountered and the experiences you have learned from each encounter. The Chicken Soup For The Soul is a compilation of stories from personal experiences of many a person. You can read the history of it on ChickenSoup.
  2. Research. You can make your own research, study, and analysis. Collect information and organize them.
  3. Transcribe somebody else's audio or video and compose an equivalent ebook for the original owners of the audio or video.
  4. Update an outdated publication with an arrangement with its original author and publisher.

Ways To Earn Money From Your E-book

There are a variety of ways you can earn from you e-book. Yes, your e-book can be an income generator. Here I list 9 possible ways your e-book can generate income for you.
  1. Sell it online. Advertise your e-book on your website. Provide a payment gateway, like PayPal, and a download page where your customers can download your e-book.
  2. Let others sell it online. This means to allow other people to market and sell your e-book. In exchange, you give your them a commission for every sale they made.
  3. Sell it through affiliates, also called affiliate marketing. Signup for a marketing network like ClickBank. Your e-book will be available to thousands of affiliates. (700,000 affiliates according to Any one of them can be interested to sell your ebook. In return, you give them a commission every item sold.
  4. Sell reprint rights. You can allow other people to reprint your e-book and let them sell it at any price they wish. In exchange, you get to advertise your other products in the ebook. These products may be another affiliate product or your own product.
  5. Give away your e-book for free. Like in selling reprint rights, before you give away your e-book, it should already contain the other products that you intend to sell.
  6. Give away or sell a branded copy of your ebook. In this case, your ebook is rebranded. It is given a new title and a new look. Some contents may be added, updated, or deleted.
  7. Accommodate advertisements from 3rd parties. Your e-book may contain ads and links that lead to the ads' sales pages.
  8. You can also package your e-book with other products – your own products or other 3rd party products.
  9. Trade your e-book with someone else's product, which may not necessarily an e-book as well. This way you get to sell a second product other than your own.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

I mentioned that one of the ways your ebook can earn money for you is through affiliate marketing. Let me just discuss that briefly.

Affiliate marketing is a form or method of marketing, promoting and selling products online or even outside the Internet, and being paid for every sale in a form of a commission. In affiliate marketing, the affiliates, also referred to as publishers, market and promote your products in whatever legal and ethical manner like online advertising or email subscription. If they make any sale, you pay them a commission.

Affiliate marketing follows certain methods called affiliate programs. The most common is single-tier.
  1. Single-tier. In a single-tier program, an affiliate earns a commission for every sale he directly makes. If the buyer asked for a refund, he does not earn a commission.
  2. Two-tier. In a two-tier program, an affiliate is also credited for recruiting another affiliate, who becomes his sub-affiliate. Not only that he earns a commission for every sale he directly makes, but he also earns a smaller commission for every sale that his sub-affiliates make. In some two-tier programs, an affiliate receives a bonus for recruiting another affiliate under his name.
  3. Multi-tier. In a multi-tier program, earning a commission extends beyond the two-tier system. An affiliate may also earn a commission from the sub-affiliates of his own sub-affiliates. This group or network of sub-affiliates is commonly known as downlines. Up to a certain level, an affiliate can earn from the sales of his downlines. A good example of a multi-tier program is MLM or multi-level marketing.

Earn More Money From Your eBook By Innovating It

Once you have published your ebook, say for a year or two, you will need to innovate your product so that it sells again to the next generation of your market. It sounds better to your wallet if your single ebook can continually generate income for you.

Innovate you ebook. One way to do it is to rebrand it. Give it a new name and new look. You can also transform it into a new form or medium. What follows are 6 ways you can innovate your e-book.
  1. Periodic subscription. Chop your ebook into small sections. For each section, release it as an issue of your e-book either monthly or bi-monthly. You charge for every subscription.
  2. Divide your e-book into two or more separate e-books. Sell them separately or as a package or both. Two books for a price of one would sound more attractive.
  3. Publish a limited edition of your e-book. Try specialized editions that would include additional contents like unedited, uncut, uncensored, or unpublished chapters.
  4. Convert your e-book into a hard copy book and submit it to publishers.
  5. Turn your e-book into a seminar series, home study, or online class. This may be in a form of a webinar, subscribed email newsletter, classroom seminar, or via online subscription or membership on your own website.
  6. Convert your e-book into a series of podcasts, downloadable audio, online or downloadable video, or downloadable or shippable software. You may do this for free so that you can introduce a new or bigger product; or charge a one-time or periodic subscription fee.

Ways to Market Your eBook

The next question is: how do your market your e-book? There are many ways. Below, I listed 12.
  1. Create a website dedicated to your e-book. Advertise and promote your site. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, among others, accepts paid advertising.
  2. If you have other websites, like a blog, advertise your e-book with a banner. The banner links to your site or the sales page of your e-book.
  3. Advertise your e-book on other websites for a fee or ex-deal arrangement. Look for sites with heavy traffic.
  4. Market it through affiliate hubs like ClickBank.
  5. You can also create your own affiliate program. You can hire a programmer to design a system for you, or buy that is already commercially available.
  6. Join discussion forums. Be true to what you say when you join these discussions. Do not spam. Never spam.
  7. Look for websites related to your e-book and join the discussion in the comments section. Again, just don't spam.
  8. Share it through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
  9. Create social media pages like on Facebook or Google+ and invite your connections to like it.
  10. Create a video teaser and upload it on YouTube.
  11. Take an excerpt of your e-book and give it away for free.
  12. You can also give away your e-book on a trial for a specific period like 7, 15, or 30 days. After which, you charge them for the full price unless they signify within the trial period that they did not want your e-book.
So, there you have it. This is just a glimpse on how you can make money online by writing an e-book. The details on how to do it exactly is a long story to tell that would require extended and more extensive explanations because each pertinent line here is a big topic of its own.



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