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Does Adsense Really Make Sense?

This article is for those who are not familiar yet with what Adsense is.
Knowing What Makes SenseAdsense is an advertising placement service provided by Google.You earn from Adsense for every ad clicked on your website.Every ad on your site is connected to your Adsense account.Two million people worldwide have signed up with Adsense. Signing up is free.Traffic to your site is essential to make your site convert.Ads that appear on your site depend on your site’s content and user experience. Adsense What? Adsense is Google’s advertising placement service. When you sign up with Adsense, you will be able to place banner and text ads on your website. When someone clicks on an ad, you earn at least a single cent.
First Things First Before you sign up with Adsense, first, you must have a website of your own. Without a website, there’s no way you can put an ad on the Web.

On this blog, I have discussed on how you can have a website of your own for free. You might want to read it first. Now, …

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