How To Get Your Banner Ads Noticed

It is against the Adsense rules to direct your site visitors to clicking your site ads. So, how then can you attract your visitors to at least get your ad noticed.

1 The perfect position

The right sidebar is a blind spot especially if your screen is wide. The best position is at eye level in the center. However, it looks ridiculous putting an ad at the center of your web page. A strategic way is to put the ad within the content. On Blogger, your ad appears at the bottom of your post.

2 Size does matter.

The bigger the ad the better. However, make sure that you do not give your visitors and impression that to advertise is your primary goal rather than giving them valuable information.

3 Colors make sense.

The combination of red and yellow are attractive to the eyes, even subconsciously. Your eyes react to light. Even unconsciously, your pupil would notice a bright light especially red and yellow light. However, use red sparingly because eventually it becomes annoying and irritating to the eyes, pushing your visitors to leave your site.

4 One is enough.

The irony is that too much ads means no ads at all. Sometimes, if you give your guests too much choices, they end up not choosing any thing. Unless it is a banquet, where your guests can pick a little of many in the menu, they cannot do the same thing on your website if you offer them a buffet of ads.

The main key is focus. This works effectively if you know what you are advertising. Leading your visitors to focus on your most important ad is to capture 100% of their attention, thereby allowing your ad's message to sink in in their consciousness.

However, in case of Google Ads, where you do not know what would appear in their banner, you can follow the same principle and at the same time allow your visitors to make a choice.

Google Ads allow only a maximum of 3 ads per impression. Rather than presenting all 3 ads in one glance, let each ad show up one at a time per viewport. On Blogger, AdSense has done it for you because the banner ads can be positioned at the bottom of each post. For that reason, your viewers get to see only one ad a time, thereby giving each of your ad full attention.

5 Blow their eyes.

You have to understand how your eyes work. If they get confused as to which element to look at primarily, your eyes disregard everything because of eye strain and confusion. You might not notice but your eyes look at elements one at a time at mercurial speed starting from the element that captures most your eyes's attention. Our eyes react to light without our conscious control. Knowing that, you can actually lead your visitors's eyes to see or notice first that one element that you want your visitors to focus on.

6 Be gentle on your moves.

Actions or movements are eye catchers. Animated ads are effective but don't you dare abuse it. Have you ever noticed why casinos abuse the use of colors, sounds, and blinking lights? It is to create noise and chaos with a purpose to distract you and prevent you from concentrating and winning. Do not do the same trick to your website viewers. Your primary goal is to engage them, let them follow you and recommend your site.

7 KISS and make up.

The timeless rule always overrules. Keep your website and pages simple, neat, and professional. Avoid clutter, minimize colors, and don't be too obvious that you just want your visitors' money. Serve well. Give your visitors and followers the information that they need. Loyalty is the key.

8 Be discreet, men.

Competition is good but give Adsense some respect. Do not put ads that are competing against Google ads. You have to make a choice: either display only Google Ads or its competitors' ads but not both, most especially if your site is hosted by Blogger. Give Google it's due credit. Your blog is being hosted free by Google. I know that earning from Google Ads may not be enough, so, you may be tempted to find other ways like selling a product. Selling a product or your services is not the same as Google Ads.

9 One last try

Try this exercise. Before you zoom the image that follows, be honest not to be conscious of what you are going to do. Feel where your eyes lead you. Which of the elements that you noticed first, second, etc? If you believe you are tricking yourself, you can do the exercise over and over again, being more sensitive each time. There are more than 5 elements in the image but you only need to list the first 5. View the image about 2 feet away from your monitor.


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